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Private Yoga

packagesYoga is a personal journey and so at Sea Yoga we believe to get the best attention and focus your efforts a private yoga package is the best solution. Sea Yoga has private yoga packages tailored to a wide variety of needs, from a single private session to a series of sessions designed for you to go deeper into your practice.
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Led intuitive

vinyasa flow Classes are flowing or restorative depending on the needs and energy of the group. Classes are expertly choreographed with breath work (pranayama), postures (asana), meditation and chanting. Modifications and props are provided for various postures to accommodate the unique needs of the group. Instructions for asana are brief but precise. Verbal and hands on assists are provided by the teacher. The practice can be modified for persons with injuries and potentially during pregnancy and beginners are welcome to attend most classes.
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Guided Self

Practice Guided self practice is essentially a private lesson in a group and provides a greater challenge than the led classes while being suitable for complete beginners through to experienced practitioners. This style of class enables the student to bring the focus and awareness inwards without always looking externally to the teacher. It builds resilience, independence and a greater depth of awareness in your yoga practice.
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Imagine - a bespoke yoga journey